There have been many speculations on social media regarding this website and why it is no longer being maintained. Or as someone said “took its ball home”. The simple fact of the matter is that fan sites like this should be maintained by fans of whatever the site is about.

After some public and private comments, sections of the show “Twitterati” becoming increasingly cliquey, and some rather nasty comments by Mr Rudd, the simple truth is that we are no longer fans of the show.

Since the site was started around November 2014, the playlist for 222 shows has been compiled, collated, cleaned and entered into our custom built database. Maintaining this is no simple task, as in the official blog site there are things like inconsistencies in artist names (Jam vs The Jam, etc.) and sometimes similar with tracks.  This means that to provide a lot of the things we did with the database (such as number of times played, show “eligibility” etc.) the database had to be checked and re-checked.  In terms of statistics, as of show 222 there are 5,792 total “plays” in the playlist. 2,821 individual tracks and 1,454 artist entries.  Where possible, these are cross-referenced to “” to provide artist profiles, etc.

For the “DWAHIA” suggestions (which we know some people on FB just did a copy/paste to make their requests) we cross-reference our copy of the charts data for the 80’s.  That’s another 49,115 entries comprising Top 75 and later Top 100 charts.

Since November 2014, we’ve refined and increased the functionality we have around such shows to the point that we’ve created official websites for the “Time Machine” shows and our own Cabinet Of Curiosities show.  We now have things like the ability to automatically gather tweets where people us the word “request” and provide these to the relevant show presenters.  With “Cabinet Of” we can pre-load playlists for shows and have the playlist automatically publish after the show (usually at 9:03, because we’re quirky like that).

The effort to design, implement and maintain things like this takes time, so why would we spend time on a site for a show we’re no longer fans of and where the format has gone stale?

Plenty of people made snide comments, subtweets, etc.

Absolutely Nobody approached us and offered to maintain the site going forward – or even had the courtesy to contact us in any way, shape or form. 

We would have been open to training people in how to maintain the playlist, the DWAHIA suggestions page, etc. but it seems that many people would rather spend their time bitching about my wife on Twitter/Facebook than actually doing something constructive.

Oh, and this isn’t Xmorpheus, this is her “Silent Husband / EpicVoiceoverMan”.   Despite everything that occurred – both publicly and privately – it was her choice to simply quietly shut the site down with no commentary.  But we BOTH worked very hard on this site so this is me, having my say.

Please do check out the other shows on the main page, these are shows that we ARE fans of.

If anyone wants to contact me, feel free to e-mail me