Remembering Cat

If you’re new to #forgotten80s, you may have seen some articles about Cat Dodsworth (@dunollie_cat) or you may sometimes see someone mention her.

I’m not going to claim I can tell you all about Cat here.  I don’t have the words myself and others knew her better.

But it is the kind of thing that it can be hard to ask about when you join a new online community, so I wanted something to be on the site so that anyone who wanted to know could at least find out a little bit about her and why we all speak of her with such affection, but also sadness.

Cat was one of the core members of #forgotten80s almost right from the start and her warm personality and the joy she took in the music – and the company of those who also enjoyed it – were a pleasure to experience.

Cat was the lady who finally managed to convert vague chat about “how we should all meet up sometime” to an actual Tweet up. That first tweetup mushroomed into 4 so far, not counting the occasional “mini tweetup” when someone is visiting a city where other twitterati lurk. 

At time of writing, there is another planned for later in 2016. She also wrote wry and very funny commentaries on them afterwards. You can read them here.

Cat was a energetic, busy mum of 2, who ran marathons and was involved in many voluntary organisations, so it was a massive and horrible shock to all of us when we got the news on Wednesday 30th March that Cat had passed away in her sleep the day before. She hadn’t been ill, there was no warning. She just…..went gently into that good night.

On Sunday 3rd of April, 2016, the 150th edition of #forgotten80s, the entire show was dedicated to Cat. You’ll see that on the Playlist– every track, apart from DWAHIA, is listed as “For Cat”.  There is also a Storify of the Social Media chat that went on during that show, which we titled “Sparkle for Cat“.

I can’t do her justice in an article.  All I can tell you is that she had the kind of personality that was like a log fire on a freezing night – people gathered around her to bathe in the light and warmth and as a result, started socialising with each other as well.

We carry on and #forgotten80s is still the madcap mix of serious music discussion and silly commentary that it’s always been.

But for some of us, it will always have a little less lustre now than it did before, and there will be times when we’ll look over at the old ratted sofa in the corner, waiting for an encouraging comment or a warm hug that is never going to come. And there will be a bit of dust in our eyes.

But mostly, I think we’ll laugh and think about how much Cat would have loved this joke or that musical fact and how she would be thrilled to see so many new people coming in every Sunday night. S

o if you hear us talk about Cat, smile and raise your glass. Because that is precisely what she would want.

Cat meeting Dennis from Musical Youth at the first Tweetup


The Remembering Cat Spotify Playlist, as compiled by her loving friends on #forgotten80s